RBS: Getting ahead to stay ahead

Posted on 6 Feb 2013 by

Foresight and the conviction to act will be two defining characteristics of the most successful manufacturing companies this decade. In this article – part of a series focused on manufacturing growth strategies - Peter Russell, head of manufacturing & industrials at Royal Bank of Scotland, outlines how new production techniques and processes will help set manufacturers free from traditional economic paradigms and make the UK manufacturing sector a global pace setter for product innovation and customisation.

Employee of the month: Charlotte Frisby

Charlotte Frisby, 24 pictured at David Nieper Ltd in Alfreton

While many manufacturing sectors are perceived as male dominated, others, like fashion and textile manufacturing, have a distinctly female profile. Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8 TM talks to one of Made in GB’s ‘30 Under 30’ manufacturing champions about her work and the diversity of roles available in a variety of manufacturing sectors.

Servival: The servitisation of manufacturing

‘Servitisation’ – jargon invented to fulfil the needs of management academics or a business paradigm companies should be exploiting to remain competitive? Jane Gray looks into the practicalities of selling services as a route to enhanced revenues and growth.