Holt Review: Industry responds to apprenticeship reform

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 by

Following publication of the Holt Review, the Government will bring in measures to help small businesses recruit apprentices and to overhaul the complex and often misunderstood apprenticeship system. Here are some of the industry reactions to Jason Holt's proposals.

Racing towards a greener future

Posted on 28 Aug 2012 by

Tyre choice can win or lose you a motor race. Lewis Hamilton recently said that a team’s ability to manage its tyres "is the biggest question that needs answering in order to win the Formula One world Championship."

Green technologies: Making light work of climate change

Posted on 26 Aug 2012 by Tim Brown

“Within the manufacturing sector, green technology and the opportunities and products around that are increasingly important. Not only do they have the opportunity to provide jobs, they have the opportunity to address the single biggest challenge we face in our future – climate change.” These were the words of Lord Drayson during a recent interview with TM’s Tim Brown.

Lead story: Job shop Britain

GKN Aerospace engineers at work at the Filton engineering centre.
Posted on 21 Aug 2012 by

There is little net growth in the economy but the UK needs to reduce unemployment. How are manufacturers hiring, and are they helping NEETs to get onto the conveyor to work? Will Stirling reports.