In response to ‘Export focus: China’

Following TM's focus on export opportunities in China last month Anthony Shepherd of export agency Shepherd International, responds in a bid to crunch the data on export opportunities in China and highlight the wealth of professional help available to companies with export intentions beyond government bodies.

National Insurance: a taxing question

National Insurance contributions can prove to be a constraining factor for manufacturers

The Autumn Statement in 2011 primed industry for details on ‘above the line’ R&D tax relief and the introduction of the Patent Box, due in the Budget in late March 2012. These tax adjustments are designed to help industry grow in the UK, but do they side-step a much more direct route to economic recovery and the reduction of unemployment? TM investigates the constraining effects of employer National Insurance contributions.

An employer’s guide: payroll law changes in 2013

Tax form
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From April 2013, a phased introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) will see employers submitting payroll data to HMRC via the centralised registration service for e-Government services in the UK, Government Gateway, on or before payments credit employee’s bank accounts.

Out of the Zone: EU assisted Enterprise Zones

The regeneration of the Queen Elizabeth Docks in Hull needs a further government financial incentive to get going - the ECA can help
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EU assisted Enterprise Zones offer lots of benefits, but lack of clarity on the delivery mechanisms and whether or not 100% capital allowances will qualify for state aid means there are few signs of business investment yet. Will Stirling asks if Enterprise Zones can work for manufacturers.

In the A…

Leadership in Manufacturing: Quid pro quotas for women on boards?

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In March we celebrate International Women’s Day and at TM that means the opportunity to highlight some stellar female careers and contributions to the industry. But deserving of praise as those examples are, why are there still so few of them? Jane Gray considers gender imbalance in manufacturi

Cobham achieves organic growth following divestment

Posted on 7 Mar 2012 by Tim Brown

Aerospace firm Cobham today released its 2011 preliminary results showing 0.3% organic growth for the year following good performance from its Mission Systems and the Aviation Services business.

The revenue from both commercial and non US defence/security markets (representing 56% of revenu…

March Leader: The power of many

The Swifty Scooters final assembly workshop
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Expectations for growth in UK manufacturing are rarely expressed without references to large companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Coca-Cola Enterprises far in arrears. But should we really be looking to these kinds of companies – many of them foreign owned – for our future industrial

Thomas Eggar: Can we compete with emerging economies?

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The UK manufacturing sector’s ability, or lack thereof, to compete with rapidly developing, low cost economies like India, Korea and China has been an increasingly sensitive topic for debate in recent years.

Matthew Bridger - Associate, Thomas Eggar LLP Matthew Bridger - Associate, Thomas Eggar LLP

Innovation, particularly around valu…

The Naked Engineer: stripping industry issues bare

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At the Stockholm Summit in mid-February David Cameron raised hackles as he indicated that introducing quotas for leading companies for the number of women on their boards would not be ruled out by UK government. Here our NE responds to the threat of enforced gender balancing.

The Lord Davies report …